Create a fun, positive experience with live caricature entertainment!

This is a great way to give back to your guests. They keep their very own drawing and create a fun memory at your event.

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Traditional Caricatures

Drawn on 12x16 paper with pencil and marker, traditional caricatures can be a nice breath of fresh air in a digital age.

collage of samples

Digital Caricatures

Drawn on a Huion drawing tablet with a stylus and printed on 4x6 photo paper, digital caricatures are a versatile medium. Pictures are printed on site and uploaded or transfered to you after the gig. Adding custom paper is super easy as well.


How fast do you draw?

Short answer: Roughly 20 people an hour.

Longer answer: Some people take longer to draw than others. If the event is slower, I'll spend more quality time entertaining your guests during the drawing. Typical black and white bust drawings can take anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes. I don't guarantee everyone gets drawn but I do draw quite fast.

How does this all work?

Knowing what to expect can be a little daunting. So, what's next?

1. Send Me a Message

First you'll send me a message via the contact page. You want to include the date, time and length of your event. You'll also want to let me know where your event is. For now, the town it's in will do, but the address is always better. After that's done, I'll get back to you and let you know if I'm available.

2. Pay the Deposit

Once we've worked out the details, I'll send an invoice for the deposit. It's a non-refundable deposit that's due for the sole purpose of booking that day. It ensures I keep that date and time open just for you. It's usually something nominal; anywhere from $50 to a third of your total.

3. Pay the Remainder

Wow! time flew and here we are a week 'till the event! This is when the rest of the balance is due. Once that is paid, there's nothing left until party time!

4. Party Time!

It's the day of and your head is spinning! I arrive between 30-45 minutes early. We confirm where I'll be located and if there are any last minute changes that affect what I'm doing. I set up my lap easel and do some warm up sketches to get started. If guests come up during that time, I simply let them know what my start time is and that they're free to watch me warm up if they'd like. Often they do.

5. Overtime

It gets busy and I get very focused on my guests while I'm drawing. The night flies by and we are roughly 30 minuntes from our decided end time. I will try to find you, text you, or send a guest to find you to touch base and see if we want to keep going. If that's the case, we decide how long. Either way, I notify the guests waiting in line, estimate how many people I can draw in the remaining time and cut the line off if need be. Then I'm back at it 'til the end. I charge a slightly higher fee by the half-hour for this which you can either pay at the event (I usually have a Square on me) or settle up after.

What do you need?

All I need is a roughly 6'x6' covered and lit space to draw. I position myself with my back to the event so onlookers can watch me draw and interact with other guests. There should optimally be enough room behind me for a line to form as well.

What are you like with guests?

I'm not an artist who just sits quietly and draws. I am a little boisterous and love cutting up with guests. While I draw quite quickly, it's not my goal to pump out as many drawings as I can but to give your guests a great night of laughter AND give them something to take home.

Do you ever do color at events?

Short answer is no. I've made exceptions for small groups of people over the years but generally speaking color takes much longer and is harder on my body in a gig situation. Parties are about having fun and maximizing the pace of that fun. Traditionally colored pieces are not ideal for that.

This site was lovingly sketched, inked, and colored by Dennis Hart. Copyright 2022.