This N That


Our Second Appearance

We have so much fun visiting James at WTVC's This N That and I'm so happy we got another chance to visit and do a drawing live on the air.

I was a bit more comfortable as I walked into the waiting room at WTVC. I checked in, sat down, and replayed how I'd tackle this live drawing. I can draw quickly but I also tend to spend a lot of time coloring. Having nice bold color is so important to me but I also wanted to complete the drawing with the time I had.

After the other guests arrive at the station we're all called into the green room and await being called on set. I'm the first to be brought on as I need to be drawing the whole episode. I quickly setup and immediately start working.

I'm done with my black and white sketch in 2 minutes and start my coloring. I start with the background first, knowing that I want to spend more time on the face. This way I can get baasic color on the face and embellish as time allows. Overall, I'm happy with what I've completed and before I know it, we're ready for the last segment.

Honestly, I love the interaction and James is such an incredible host. Before the show I've had time to learn he was a radio host for a great many years. It's obvious he's on top of his game. I have a wonderful exchange with him and we go over some points of our business and I reveal the drawing I did. A few short minutes and we're done. Television moves quickly. I thank everyone again as I leave and am so cought up in my thoughts, I forget to return the mic, hehe.

I love these moments and I know my elevator pitch needs work. I'm great at talking but an interveiw like this is promotion and it's not something I have talking points prepared for. So, I have soemthing to work on. In the meantime, I'll enjoy that we're able to make a living here and continue to be grateful to Chattanooga for embracing us so fully.

My live drawing with James

Link to Interveiw

-Dennis Hart

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